CPA Referrals

500x250When it comes to professional referrals, CPAs fall into that coveted “as good as it gets” column. They are trusted advisors and they have long-term relationships with largely affluent clients. In fact, a research study last year from CEG Worldwide, called Cultivating the Middle-Class Millionaire, showed that 54.2 percent of affluent individuals found their primary financial advisor through a CPA or an attorney.

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Benefits for Banks

partnership Our relationship will effectively expand your bank’s service offerings, and help increase revenues from both new and existing clients. How?

Referrals — Payroll solutions Unlimited has one of the fastest growing sales forces in the business . Our referrals can help increase your client base and revenue.

Revenue Sharing — By partnering with P.S.U INC., we’ll allocate a percentage of the revenue generated by your customers who sign up for our services.

Co-Branding — Put your logo on our payroll, HR, retirement, and employee benefits materials when you advertise P.S.U INC. services.

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